Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpieces MP-13 “Soundwave” (Japan Import)


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Please Note: This inventory was purchased from an aftermarket seller overseas, It is from the original production run of MP-13 Soundwave. If you'd like to wait for the 2nd production run arriving this fall, we have preorders open at $159.99. Due to the aftermarket nature of this inventory, our wholesale purchase price significantly higher and the retail pricing follows suit. Counted among Megatronâ€TMs earliest followers, Soundwave perpetuates his role as Decepticon communication specialist by virtue of Mini-Cons which stealthily infiltrate the fortifications of Autobots and Decepticons alike, enabling Soundwave to provide Megatron with even the most secret or obscure information. Soundwaveâ€TMs sensors are sensitive to even the lowest radio transmissions, and his penchant for monitoring electrical brain impulses provides him with the equivalent of telepathy. Soundwaveâ€TMs predilections make him unpopular among his fellow Decepticons, mostly limiting his interactions to the company of his Cassette Warriors. Though he is sometimes portrayed as an arbitrator, Soundwave is hypervigilant of any potential rival in the Decepticon hierarchy, and will use blackmail to eliminate any such rival as quickly and as thoroughly possible.

Soundwave will come with a miniature Megatron in gun mode for additional firepower, and additional cassettes are also available.

NOTE - Inserts for Soundwave's chest plate are found on the last page of the instruction booklet. The Masterpiece cassettes can fit in G1 Soundwave's chest as well as the G1 tapes fitting in Masterpiece Soundwave, increasing the play value of both figures!
Officially Licensed