Ravensburger Jolly Octopus – Children’s Game


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An interactive children's game, Jolly Octopus features Jolly, a happy and ticklish battery-operated octopus who sits atop his stash of colorful crabs. Players try to grab the crabs with the tongs provided, while Jolly does his best to stop them with his tricky, moving tentacles. The first player to collect all their crabs wins.

Jolly Octopus - an interactive children's game.

Interactive children's game for 2-4 players ages 4 and up.
Battery-operated game featuring a ticklish octopus, who moves his tentacles as players try to grab the crabs from his stash.

Grab the crabs but watch out for Jolly's moving tentacles!
Grab the Crabs
Jolly Octopus is geared to 2-4 players as young as 4. The game features a smiling and ticklish, battery-operated octopus named Jolly, who rests on top of a collection of colorful crabs. Players must collect one of each of the differently-colored crabs (red, blue, yellow and orange) by attempting to grab them with the enclosed tongs while avoiding Jolly's moving tentacles. If a player touches one of Jolly's tentacles while trying to grab the crabs, Jolly laughs, and it's the next player's turn. Jolly Octopus features two speed settings to double the challenge. The game requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Interactive and Colorful Fun for Preschool Kids
Jolly Octopus entertains children as it helps them to learn a range of social and educational skills such as color recognition, counting, turn-taking and patience. Since they must use tongs to snatch the crabs from under Jolly's perch, all players get to practice and reinforce fine motor, hand-eye and general coordination skills. No reading is required to play Jolly Octopus, providing an opportunity for children of various ages and abilities to join the game. Jolly Octopus provides positive enforcement - laughter - to players who accidently touch Jolly's moving tentacles. Because there is no beep, buzz or other negative sound when players touch Jolly's tentacles, players learn to deal with mistakes in a positive way.

Two Speed Settings Extend Appeal and Life of the Game
Jolly Octopus is a battery-operated, interactive game that brings children of various ages together for positive social interaction. The game offers two speeds of play to further sharpen everyone's coordination, timing and motor skills. The more challenging setting enables the game to be enjoyed by older players, extending the appeal and life of the game.

What's In The Box?
1 playing device (Jolly Octopus), 20 crabs in four different colors (red, blue, yellow and orange), 1 pair of tongs, 1 set of instructions

2-6 players
2-6 players
Playing time: 20 minutes
2-6 players
2-6 players
Playing time: 20 minutes
Contents: 1 playing device (octopus), 20 crabs, 1 pair of tongs, instructions