Monster Kickboard Interchangeable Kick Scooter – Volcano Ash Gray


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**Comes with T-bar AND Joystick! - (both handlebar styles included) Designed for adults and teens, the Kickboard Monster offers street surfing at its best. Wide wheels, cool graphics and wide track offer better balance and greater stability for those wanting to create long curves and build up some speed on the streets. The flex deck is made from a composite of fiberglass and marine ply, which together with precision bearings, absorbs bumps and guarantees a smooth ride. The Monster combines all the best features of the Kickboard Original with go-anywhere wide wheels. A rubber insert on the rear protects you from brake heat. In Joystick or T-bar mode, you get a skateboard style ride with more control and maneuverability. The Monster stays upright, so it is easy to park, or fold it up and carry it with you using the Monster's patented folding mechanism. A very stable ride, perfect for long carving turns at high speeds. The wide wheels will give you more surface on the ground and a little better holding as a result. While in theory that should mean the wheels wouldn't be as fast as those on the Kickboard Original, which has thinner wheels, riders have told us they can build more speed on the Monster because the wide wheels and better holding helped them to kick faster and more confidently.
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