Corolle Baby Accessories Set


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Corolle’s Les Classiques Baby Accessories Set is the ideal gift for any doll’s mommy ages 3 and up. This deluxe boxed set containing 12 different accessories has everything little ones need to care for their favorite Corolle baby doll. Plus, the charming, pink carry-and-storage bag that is included is perfect for make-believe moms on the go.

Baby Doll Accessories

Complete accessories set with pink carry-and-storage bag and blanket includes essentials little mommies need to take care of their baby from feeding, brushing their teeth, to changing their diapers.
Baby Doll Feeding

Essential feeding accessories include a bib, bottle, plate and spoon, toothbrush and toothpaste.
Everything Little Moms Need to Care for Baby
Corolle's Les Classiques Baby Accessories Set has everything make-believe moms need in their nursery to care for their favorite Corolle baby doll. Using the included accessories, your little one will be able to care for their baby doll and take care of their doll's different needs, just like a real mommy. With this ultimate accessories set, your little one can do everything from feeding to changing; they can even brush their most adored baby doll's teeth. The included pink carry-and-storage bag has a zipper closure to ensure nothing falls out and makes it easy for pretend moms to have everything they need for baby's care wherever they go.

A World Of Nurturing Play
Little ones love taking care of their baby dolls the way their parents take care of them. Designed in France, the Les Classiques Baby Accessories Set-- with the essentials to care for a baby doll from waking to sleep -- is part of Corolle's Les Classiques Collection that offers everything make-believe mommies ages 3 and up need for nurturing pretend play with their favorite baby doll, whether it's dressing, feeding, on the go, at bath time or at bed time

About Corolle: The Premium Doll Brand Designed in France
Corolle dolls are designed to be the perfect look, size, feel and scent for little ones to love and cherish. Pretty, sweet faces are sculpted after real babies. Fashions are inspired by current children's clothing and adapted for a young child's dexterity so they are easy to dress. Corolle dolls' supple vinyl arms and legs are smooth to the touch and delicately scented with vanilla, and their bodies have the ideal amount of filling for hugging and cuddling.

What's In The Box?
One Les Classiques Baby Accessories Set with 12 pieces: pink carry-and-storage bag, feeding dish, magic feeding bottle, spoon, bib, pacifier, toothbrush, and play tube of toothpaste, baby lotion, blanket and two diapers.

Classic Baby Dolls

Baby Accessories Set is part of Corolle’s Les Classiques Collection of 14”-17” baby dolls for little mommies ages 2-3 years and up.

Expand the play experience
Expand the play experience
Inspires pretend play memories
Expand the play experience
Expand the play experience
Inspires pretend play memories
For up to a 17" baby doll