Bandai Tamashii Nations Apollo 11 and Saturn V Launch Vehicle “NASA” Otona No Chogokin Rocket


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This exquisitely accurate 1/144-scale reproduction is based on many specialized documents and other data. In addition, during development of this product, Bandai sought and received the full cooperation of the web site “Apollo Maniacs,†a favorite of Apollo fans, in making sure that the overall appearance, as well as that of the parts such as the rocket and engine, is as accurate and detailed as possible.

All the stages of the rocket, from take-off to splashdown, are reproduced. Just like the real thing, the rocket splits into nine sections, so that you can recreate all stages, including launch, the moon landing, and touchdown! The Saturn V rocket can be split into the first, second and third stages, and the Apollo 11 and lunar module can be joined to or separated from the rocket.

The stand, which allows you to display the Saturn V vertically, is mirrored. When the model is mounted on the stand, the extremely detailed engine can be easily seen in the mirror. The kit also comes with a plate resembling the moonâ€TMs surface that can be used as a base instead. The included lunar module, U.S. flag and astronaut figure can be added to complete an accurate recreation of the moon landing. A second stand is also included that allows the separated rocket sections to be displayed.

This awe-inspiring set includes:
* Apollo 11 and Saturn V rockets (S-IC 1st stage, S-II 2nd stage, S-IVB 3rd stage, S-II Aft Interstage, S-IVB Aft Interstage, Spacecraft Lunar Module Adaptor, Command Module, Service Module, Launch Escape Subsystem and Boost Protective Cover, and Support Ship Antenna),
* Lunar Module Descent Stage (fixed legs and moveable legs),
* Lunar Module Ascent Stage,
* 2 Astronauts,
* U.S. Flag,
* Stand for Vertical Display (Lunar Surface Plate, Display Parts, Nameplate),
* Stand for Horizontal Display,
* Display Stand for Lunar Module/Command Module, and
* Commentary Booklet.
Included plate can be used as a base
Included plate can be used as a base
Special display stands included
Included plate can be used as a base
Included plate can be used as a base
Special display stands included
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